Kenya Explains Why She Got Involved in Phaedra Parks’ Alleged Affair

Hotlanta, this is a mess! Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live after Sunday’s insane episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which resulted in another showdown between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore.

During their scuffle, the former beauty queen called her longtime frenemy a “whore,” while alleging that Parks had cheated on Apollo Nida with a man named Mr. Chocolate. Moore provided more information on this mysterious “Mr. Chocolate” — who has never been introduced on camera — while sitting down with Andy Cohen on his talk show.

“Why does Kenya automatically believe these text messages from Phaedra to Mr. Chocolate — that she didn’t even see — when she claims that Apollo made up text messages from her?” Cohen speculated on WWHL.

In response, Moore said Cohen’s statement was “incorrect,” adding: “[Apollo] never claimed that I sent him false text messages.”

Moore then explained to Cohen why she inserted herself into Phaedra’s alleged affair. As witnessed on the March 1 episode of RHOA, tensions flared during a group dinner, when Cynthia Bailey told Phaedra that her husband Peter Thomas had a conversation with Apollo about her alleged fling with Chocolate. (Apollo is currently serving eight years in prison for fraud.)

“Don’t tell me what my husband said,” Phaedra sniped back during the episode. “Worry about your own. If you didn’t see it for yourself, you can’t believe it.” After a brutal exchange of words, Phaedra swung at Kenya with her clutch, as Kenya screamed: “You go around calling everyone a whore, and you’re the biggest whore here.”

“We’re in all of our business. That’s what the show is about,” Moore reasoned on WWHL. “We have to talk about things that are going on, not only with ourselves, but with everyone else on the show. They certainly didn’t have a problem talking about me and Walter. Me and my African prince. If an issue comes up that I’m directly involved in — which were false rumors about me — I will speak on it.”

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  • joanne hester

    Kenya you made it your goal to humiliate Phaedra ever since she didn’t want you to produce her video. Phaedra went to your face and told you she didn’t like the deal, she was too smart to let you cut in on her profit. You went after Apollo and had a relationship with him because he is a stupid man that is why he is going back to prison, but Phaedra loves him and we all have loved a man that is stupid some time. You text him and flirted with him a lot, then you get called a whore and your mad. You talk about hypocrites Look in the mirror your messy and vengeful

  • BlackIsBeautiful

    I feel that you have been disrespected by some of these women for far 2 long! You don’t owe these women anything, but u do owe it to urself 2 move on! Bcuz as long as u are involved with these womens mess, u are putting urself in the middle of all the drama that follows them! Nene and Phaedra have a very shady past and reputation for criminal activities. You on the other hand have an impeccable resume. Sometimes in life ppl have a way of bringing out the worst in others bcuz misery loves company. I want 2 see you move forward in another direction and don’t look back bcuz u will miss out on ur blessings to come. These women are intimidated by ur beauty and ur confidence! Don’t let anyone pump u up 2 be something that u are not! Ur outer beauty is undeniable, I wanna see ur inner beauty shine through! I am rooting for u all the way! Bring forth change, be the leader that God has intended for u to be! Right ur wrongs Miss Moore u are so much better than all the drama! Let go of all the chaos and peace will find u. I am a loyal fan, I have the utmost respect and love for u! I could easily tell u a lie, but i’d rather keep it 100! I believe in u….

    • Anna

      You are a fool this woman ran behind Apollo flirted every chance she got.Than paid him to lie for herYou must not be married or a sister because her ass would of bed whipped so bad. You wouldn’t of recognize her

  • Eddy

    An acknowledgement is not an apology as you wrote in your blog some weeks ago.Phaedra has actually acknowledge her wrongs but does not want to apologies.Miss Moore you are way of better than all the drama in RHOA.Yes i know it a reality show which genre is drama but from all looks you have being disrespected way so much that some loyal fans like me cannot stand it anymore.Phaedra has way insulted your personality and you’ve always acted as the bigger person to address things with her which she always turn you down.From what i see your heart is made of gold and you have that spirit of forgiving and moving on.It is best you sort of yourself from her drama which she puts in with Nene and Porsha and in the end they always turn to play the victim.
    Miss Moore,i am rooting and praying for you each passing day to rise in higher heights and put your haters in several seats.The is more you can do especially in movies.You are so talented and you have an incredible resume and a very clean record which counts a lot in this life.You are an epitome of beauty in the outside and inside and i will like to see you use your beauty to shine bright like a diamond.Sometimes in life,when you associate your self with people whose past are way of shady and a mess,they turn to bring out the worst in you by dragging you down and rubbing your name in the mud but believe me Miss Moore,you are way way of better than them.Please move on with grace,pride and honor.Friends are like diamonds rare to find but so easy to loose Cynthia and Claudia are your friends on the RHOA show and i will love to see you trio move on with love..
    I am a fan writing from Africa in a Country call Cameroon.Remain bless Miss Moore.

  • Anita

    People like Kenya Moore reminds
    Me all the time why it’s not good for a woman like me to be on reality television. Phaedra did a better job then me.and to Mr. Andy Cohen riddle me this if you don’t condon in violence then why do you allow Kenya and other along with provoke violence. The Show is called The Real Atlanta Housewives. Not Twirl village and Zombie apocalypse feet aka Claudia Jordan just saying.

  • Sabrina

    Although I am most certainly not condoning anyone calling someone else a “whore” especially on national TV, I don’t know what you expected the response to be the way you were acting around someone’s husband. The fact that Apollo lied about you propositioning him & not just Phaedra but a lot of other people believed it, should have made you reflect on your actions & how openly you flirted with Apollo. Seeing how hurt you were by the wrath created by your seemingly innocent flirtation and Apollo’s lies really hurt my heart. It is never okay to put someone else down, in any way. With that being said I was really shocked to see your reaction to the rumors about the “Mr. Chocolate Scandal” . (Which by the way just sounds so silly to me. Mr. Chocolate the African Prince. I mean come on) It seemed as though you were all too happy to hear that your nemesis may have committed the sin of adultery. In a way you were kicking her while she was down. Being hurt so badly you should never wish that on anyone & always try to uplift anyone going through a hard time. Even if they wronged you before. It would show that you’re a kind person & not just some Twirl Queen on a reality show. I pray there can be some resolution between all of the women on RHOA. You are all successful, strong women who should be setting better examples for young women instead of acting crazy on TV. The fact that you have been confronted physically on two separate occasions is disgusting. But it was also disgusting to see how you pushed people’s buttons, waving & pointing something in someone’s face, what do you expect? How do you think someone is going to react when they’re sitting with “friends” who have all been gossiping about a rumor? I pray that you all will see how petty all of this is and just learn to love and uplift one another.

  • Life TWIRLS on

    When I first started watching the show, the picture I got of you was what those those ugly monkeys kept on talking about and yes at times what they say may be true. But as time went on and I got hooked to the show, I also got hooked on you and did an big research on you; I started to see why those ugly monkeys fear was. Miss Moore those ladies were scared of your beauty and free, confidence and bubble spirit and personality therefor finding every possible way to bring you down and to drag your name in the mud. ( now I told my self I won’t say names but I’m soo annoyed at those ladies) Nene that looks like a horse mix with a pig and her annoying gold wigs is just frustrated that you did not kiss her ass and that you refuse to be control by her. Phaedra ( I don’t know what kind of a godly person she climes she is) should not drag God names in the dirt, poor child is just annoyed that your happiness and blessings shines. The last one is that bimbo Porsha ( I think that’s her name…anyways lets call her Miss fake) she is just looking for fame don’t worry about her.

    Please Miss Moore do what makes you happy and stay away from those ladies relationship issues, they have hurt you sooo much that now that the truth is out they are too ashamed to say sorry. Twirl your life on in blessings and success, focus on you nobody else but you and remember you don’t have to be like Beyounce to be well famous but it’s the good things that you do in the world and society will makes you famous in the eyes of God.

  • Kristy Hardway

    Although my heart goes out to Phaedra’s beautiful children during this trying time that their family is going through, I have only one thing to say about Phaedra’s reaction to Kenya calling her a whore: Some people don’t like the taste of their own medicine! Kenya has been the punching bag on this show for too long. When I look at the accomplishments and contributions made (or not made) by the other cast members, the only ones I find positive or empowering for women are those of Kandi and Kenya. True, Phaedra is a hard working professional lady, but she can be downright vicious and nasty sometimes. Kenya, you have heart and it shows.

    • Anna

      I get it u must be a thot

  • Cheryl Lockhart

    If Apollo admitted to lying about Kenya seeing him in L.A., offering fellatio to him and these alleged text messages; why do Cynthia and Kenya find this man so “credible” when he claimed he saw text messages about an affair between Phaedra and this Mr. Chocolate character. The entire thing sounded like a bunch of bull$#|+ to me because the dialect was totally out of character for Phaedra. I cannot picture her talking like some strung out hooker: “Daddy, I can’t wait to see you so you can spank me” and other weird crap allegedly said. Secondly, how many African men you know that lives 6000 miles on the other side of the world that refers to himself as “Chocolate”? Thirdly, Apollo has already proven that he is a dispicable liar, why is he sooooo credible now?? Fourthly, when does Phaedra have time with all of the jobs she does, AND two little babies to raise? I think they were too anxious to jump on that nonsense for the opportunity to rub her face in the “whore” name calling. This is something that Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia need to let this mess die a natural death and not feed into it. They need to move on and let the nonsense go and not put themselves on the level with NeNe and dizzy Portia.

    • Anna

      You said that you need to post that on her Instagram.U told the story wrote the book and wrote a sequel .2 snapps

      • Cheryl Lockhart

        Now that this “convict” is reaching out to Peter, I hope that Pheadra does wake up and divorce this loser. Especially after the way he behaved the day when he reported to this prison. I am all for children seeing their fathers; however, in this case he gave up his fatherhood privilege when he made the choice to do what he did to get into this predicament. The jury is still out on Phaedra for marrying this man in the first place, and having two babies by him no less. She thought that she could change him and introduce him to a better lifestyle. I have not seen a career criminal change no matter who hooks up with him. I have seen this type of thing over and over again in my line of work (I work closely with the judicial system). With her credentials and education, she could do much better.

        • Anna

          You are so right who want there kids to visit a prison. He did the crime not his family he cheated and dogged his family for Kenya.He calling messy Peter because they were cheaters together I bet Apollo and Kenya could tell you he chested with.Thry were enemies her and Peter now look We owe Kenya and apology.

          • Cheryl Lockhart

            That entire crew is messy and the entire fiasco is wearing on MY nerves. No one is going to apologize to Kenya because most of those girls especially the ones on NeNe’s team envy that girl’s spirit. I think Phaedra is still going to wait on him when he gets out. If it is all about her children as she said on the reunion episode, she would go on and divorce him and move on. Dealing with a career criminal is going to do nothing but drag her and her family down. On the other hand, she may be so private that she really does not want to say anything at all to the public. Listening to the questions that Andy Cohen asked her, I really believe that he has gotten physically abusive to her because when she was asked, she stated that she did not want to discuss that. This tells me that he DID get physically abusive at one point. If not, she would have simply said no. She also needs to realize that nothing in her life is private as long as you on a reality show. Especially if Bravo is running that particular show. It would be very difficult to keep your affairs private at this point. In closing, what happened with all of this “Zen” and roses and lights they had in the Phillippines??? All of that went out the window when the got to the reunion, especially Phaedra and Kenya.