Kenya on NeNe’s “Embarrassing” Behavior

Kenya Moore shares her thoughts on the rest of the Puerto Rico trip. How were you feeling after the dramatic dinner?

Kenya Moore: Even though I’m chocolate, I was in need of some sun from all that shade! Honestly it was embarrassing to see NeNe be so vulgar. I had to apologize to Claudia on their behalf, because no woman should be subjected to such denigrating remarks or attacks on her character. Were you shocked when Claudia called out Porsha on the bus?

KM: I wasn’t shocked that Claudia called her out. She laughed at Claudia, not with her, at the dinner table after NeNe’s crass comments. Furthermore, most if not all of the women have remarked about her sugar daddy, and it seems as though Claudia was fed up at their double standards and called her out for it. Her point being that everyone wants to call her a whore, but by the definition, you can draw your own conclusions about whom that applies to based upon the facts, not rumors. What did you think of Demetria’s performance?

KM: Demetria was amazing! She was so sexy and beautiful, but I was mesmerized by her voice. That girl can sing! I feel coming all the way to Puerto Rico just to see her perform was well worth it. Did you end up having a good time in Puerto Rico?

KM: I got to spend some quality time with Demetria, Cynthia, and Claudia and was happy to have them as my confidants.

  • Gee Willikers

    Nene should have het opening tagline changed after that dinner

  • Cheryl Lockhart

    NeNe was getting “read” by Claudia and could not handle it. So what does she do? Get vulgar and talk under that girl’s clothes. That was a very embarrassing and ghetto way to behave and ever since that Puerto Rico trip I have lost the little respect I had for NeNe after that vulgarity she spewed out of that sewer hole under her nose. She is beginning to take a lot away from the show with her loud uncouth attitude. She makes African American women look bad by her behavior. Her bragging about her wealth shows that either she is exaggerating her self worth or she is plain not used to anything.