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I am a supportive friend and was happy to accompany Claudia to the podiatrist. BUT… I was not prepared for those disrespectful feet! I tried not to make direct eye contact with them, but they kept acting up! Seriously, CJ and I have been cool for over 20 years, and we can laugh together. We don’t take things too seriously.


It was nice to see Demetria respect Kandi’s accomplishments. She clearly admires Kandi, and it was refreshing to see them have an honest conversation about love, life, and careers. It’s good to see sisters support each other. The juxtaposition between the meeting Demetria had with Kandi and the meeting at the studio with NeNe was glaring. Phaedra made it her mission to belittle, degrade, and utterly humiliate Demetria in every way imaginable. Phaedra attacked her aspirations of becoming a pop singer at her age, she ridiculed her for wasting her time with Roger after 8 years, and she asked her if she was a crack head because she played one on TV. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Apollo say Phaedra was visiting him at 3AM at a halfway house while he was still wearing his ankle bracelet? And then didn’t she get pregnant, get married, and then lie about her due date? #byefelecia


I was sickened to my stomach to watch the beasts behave the way they did at dinner. They were completely disrespectful toward Demetria, even though she was gracious enough to invite them. Their rude side remarks, their nasty digs, and their blatant shade are all indicative of beastly behavior. Demetria was sweet and tried to be open toward new friendships. After all, she invited us all to Puerto Rico!


Meanwhile back in the wild, all the beasts took turns trying to see who could be the biggest boar, with NeNe leading the pack. NeNe wants to say she is a good friend and not a fake friend. We all saw her declare we were friends at the Tavern, but be mean as a snake to me very next time I saw her. She was very pleasant to Demetria at the studio, yet took pride in mocking her singing career and aspirations by asking where she could go to a studio so she can get on iTunes to her face. And let’s not forget how she pounced on Cynthia for trying to keep the peace by asking Phaedra to simply apologize if she didn’t mean to be insulting toward Demetria. This is a group of uncouth heathens let loose to terrorize anyone they feel are vulnerable.

Just two seasons ago NeNe was telling Phaedra you can’t win by being dirty, yet they are behaving like two pigs rolling around in the mud. It shows you can put lipstick on a pig (or moose), but it’s still a pig. They both like to be dirty.


NeNe spent the entire time trying to instigate a fight; Claudia just took the bait. Clearly no one can control Claudia or her mouth, and NeNe found that out the hard way. She proceeded to attack Claudia’s character based on rumors. However, NeNe admits she’s been arrested and did anything she could (including take her clothes off) for money. Didn’t Gregg leave his wife for NeNe? Yet Claudia is the whore? Right.

These venomous attacks on one’s character from those living in glass houses should end. Keep watching as one by one all the beasts will be exposed and the truth of who they are will be revealed.

On another note, thank you so much for supporting me on Celebrity Apprentice. The ratings are incredible thanks to you and your support. See you this Sunday night for the epic conclusion! And catch Celebrity Apprentice Monday at 8/7c, when the late Joan Rivers makes her final TV appearance.

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  • unbias21

    Look who is calling someone else beast. You guys sat and discussed the other ladies before they came to the table. Don’t feel flattered I am writing on your page but Bravo lead me to this, could not find where to respond there.

  • Kenya Holmes

    Kenya, you are soooooo on point with your analysis of the last episode. I love you because, we have the same name, of course, and are close in age. I also love that, despite your occasional antics, you don’t take yourself too seriously and you’re a lot of fun. You and Claudia are refreshing, and I also agree that Nene and Phaedra will be exposed. Keep doing you…you do have supporters out there!

  • Milli

    Kenya you are ridiculous, you’re so jealous of the women with husband’s and children that you make sure you’re the victim at any and every occasion. You are two faced and childish if you’re really all that you proclaim to be then allow your actions to speak for you. You can’t because you’re so busy worrying about everyone else or is it really just acting I sure hope so because as a beautiful black woman you are being a a horrible example to the young girls who are watching you. Grow up you’ve got a great platform stop wasting it on women you obviously care nothing about. I am sickened by your behavior.

    • Porchia Mat

      Who are they for her to be jealous of?
      Kenya for one is better looking than nene, poo-sha and phaedra. ..Everyone has their time and when Kenya finds the right man she will have her child when the time is right. Remember she has turned down marriage 7 times. Bet you ain’t had even one chance. Nene, phaedra and poo-sga are three vile foul mouth species. There are all bullies.

  • Kriquette

    Kenya I never understand why Nene, Phaedra and Porsha seem to throw all the shade and cause the problems, yet so often you get blamed? Last week or the week before Nene was repeatedly calling Porsha, trying to get her attention as were you! Yet you are the only one Porsha called rude? This week I was really disappointed in Kandi! She sat and giggled with the Beasts as they threw shade? What is up with that? Truthfully I am certain much of this is for ratings but I know the beasts behave the way they do towards you four (Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia and Demetria) is because you are all beautiful women. Nene Looks like a drag queen and a horse had a baby! Porsha looks like a 16 year old boy, and Phaedra looks like A Rhinoceros!

    • Porchia Mat

      Agree use to think kandi was mutual and didn’t get involved but that’s changed now since being close with screwed face phaedra. Kandi’s started to screw up her face like her twin phaedra and it ain’t a good look. Kenya all the way for me

    • Porchia Mat

      Hahaha…no nene looks like planet of the apes with her new blonde hair style. Blonde???? Keep bleaching nene one day you will get to the colour you want and then the blonde might suit you lol

  • c moore

    It is so unfortunate the way you carry yourself!! You are so not a good role model for the female generation. After watching The Apprentice last night and seeing that terrible stunt that you pulled by stealing Vivica’s phone to get her fired, I am truly convinced that you are not worthy of respect. I thought you were just playing for the camera on RHOA but I know now that you are just not a good person that always try to play the victim. KENYA, YOU’RE FIRED!!

  • Marcus Bailey


  • Rose Brooks

    What ever ok