Why Would Apollo Try to Hurt Phaedra?


When Phaedra Parks learned of Apollo’s admission of his lies, she immediately said she owes me an apology. Yet, after her spa day, NeNe asserted that Apollo’s lie was a lie citing that Apollo is likely trying to hurt Phaedra. This rationale makes no sense. Firstly, I am the last person to attempt to understand how Apollo’s mind works. But if I were going to prison for 8 years and my only lifeline is my wife, why would I try to hurt her? Phaedra has his sons, who he desperately wants to see. She is also responsible for his affairs and she can make his life more comfortable while incarcerated. Therefore, she holds all the cards. In my opinion, his wife would be the last person he would try to hurt now.

According to Apollo, he was embarrassed that I told the world he had been texting me without his wife’s knowledge or approval. He felt I took a blow at him insinuating there was something sexual or inappropriate with his texts. According to him, he made the story up to get back at me — NOT Phaedra. Funny how I was at the top of her to-do list when she told the world Apollo’s lies and called me countless whores, but now that Apollo has come clean, I’m at the bottom.


NeNe would like you all to believe I am not a truthful person. She made it a point to tell the world she believed my Season 5 boyfriend when he said I made up the relationship. No one questioned why he would say what he did. They chose to believe him without any substantiation of his claims whatsoever. With that said, my family and my real friends knew of our status and Kandi even reluctantly admitted that she believed we were in a relationship that went bad. Point being, it wasn’t a lie.

NeNe also said my African Prince, whom she met in LA and joked about meeting in a scene, was a fairytale. She did however met him in Los Angeles and was very rude and nasty to him — no surprises there. But according to her, I’m not truthful.

Apollo stated he saw me at a party in LA and then I showed up at his hotel. If I had been at a party, why didn’t ANYONE see us there? Why couldn’t he name the party or location or even a date this took place? If I were at a world famous hotel in LA or a swanky party, someone would have seen us there and taken photos. Additionally, there are no phone calls nor text messages between us at all during that alleged time. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS ALL A LIE.

Unfortunately, the women on this show have tried to paint me as a crazy, drunken, delusional, wanton hussy and liar, none of which I am. What I am is a woman who has made mistakes and will continue to do so as I grow. What I am is a woman who doesn’t want to hurt families or break up happy homes. What I am is someone who is strong. What I am is a woman who will continue to be an eternal optimist and pray for those who try to harm me. What I am is not a victim. What I am is human.

On a truly sad note, I just learned of the unfortunate passing of Todd’s mother, Sharon. She was always so vibrant and sweet to me. I am praying that Kandi, Todd, and their family get through this difficult time as one and may god bless her soul.

  • TheAfflection .

    I always believed you. Just keep being the person that you are and wish them well. God will handle the rest.

  • Kat Bel

    I think you are such a hard worker, talented and beautiful! I just saw a movie with you in it, then looked up your filmography. You have been in so many movies. Of course people are intimidated by you, you’re a powerhouse! Be proud of your legacy and stay humble. Some of these people really need to show some respect for everything you have accomplished. God bless!

    • sidonnie diasonama

      Kenya you are my favourite girl on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
      Your are what I call natural African/American beauty and yes you also are the prettiest
      On the show, I love your work out DVD it’s helping me get back into shape after having my baby.
      I wish luck and success in all you do and carry on being true to yourself.
      Please please remain as you are no surgery please.

  • Eddy

    I really like Kenya….She is so true to herself despite what…she is a strong woman

  • annebeth66

    Kenya haters are ALWAYS gonna hate. That all they can do and Apollo was always a hot mess. He finally admitted he lied on you, then put his business of his relationship with Phaedra on Front St., when he told Peter of her calling him at the halfway house to have sex on an air mattress. Now he’s going back to prison and pretty boy is just praying he doesn’t become Big Bubba brand new girlfriend. Messy, messy, messy. Apollo is jealous that he can’t have you; Phaedra, Nene & Porsha hate that they will never be as beautiful as you, even with a nose job or new boobs. Kenya you are the real-real and that’s what the haters realize they can’t destroy.

  • Fareedah Khabeer


  • Oops did I say that?